Kicking back a little this morning, enjoying some lovely sunshine and drinking my coffee. Got Seasick Steve playing in the background, because…Ugly, worn out old guys can rock like no one else. A lifetime of making music your own way can really pay off, but mostly no one wants to hear it because, you know…old guy. If you walk around your own town and keep your ears open, you’ll probably find a few people just like him. I know in the cold of winter on Granville street in Vancouver, there was an old guy with a guitar singing folk with a voice and presence that should have filled stadiums. But people just walked by. It doesn’t matter, really. You do what you love, every day, every chance you can. It’s enough for a good life. Audience is nice, but not required. Icing on the cake. Paying your bills is pretty nice too…

I’ve been spending a little time thinking about the future of this blog. I started it as an excuse to write about the things I care about. I made it public because it made my writing honest, and forced me into a schedule. Schedules make me professional. Being professional in my approach has given me a confidence that I will continue to write for myself, no matter what. Now I feel ready to stretch out a little more. I’d like to build a little more interaction into the blog, and make the effort to do what I find hard, which is reply to comments and actually get some conversations going. Which means making an effort to write content that gets people talking a little more.

It’s going to stretch my writing a little, but that’s sort of the point. So let’s get started, shall we? I’d like to hear from you. What things do you like about the blog, what would you like to see more of? Are there any new directions or topics you’d like to see covered? What keeps you coming back?

If you haven’t commented before, there is going to be a little delay…I have the blog set to block new posts until approve them. I approve pretty quick, though. And only the first post has to be approved…it’s a one-time process. It’s a tiny roadblock, but it saves us from spam comments. I hope it’s not to much of a hassle for you. Oh, and if you are so inclined, why not take this chance to spread the word about the blog?

Thanks for reading!