ZimUnWorfHopefully you’ve noticed the new look. It’s fall here, which is my favourite time for change. It’s also a time to start thinking about harvesting from the hard work of winter and spring, and the steady growth of summer. The design is a major step towards that harvest.

While I enjoyed the clean and stripped down look of the previous blog, it worked best to present a post a day, in a steady stream. Looking at the traffic patterns on the blog, that’s what was happening. People showed up to read the days post, and that was it. That’s all well and good, but when an odd post got people talking, I’d get a big influx of new readers. I’d see a small spike in recent posts as people wandered around to see what else had been written,  but not much.

It was hard to work through the other material, hard to find other things of interest for a new reader. Part of this change was to make all the content more accessible, not just the new content. The Blog Post item will always contain the most recent post, as does the little box in the menu off to the right. If you are really keen to only read the new posts, I recommend using the “Subscribe” button on the bottom to stay up to date, or plugging us in to your favourite RSS reader.

I also want to make one more change, that will be a bit more sweeping. I put out a call for new writers a few months ago, and got some bites. I haven’t been able to follow up on them, but I will be this week. Which means this is also a good time for anyone else thinking of writing to drop me a line. This more magazine like format will let me showcase other writers with a lot more ease, and expand the site significantly. I’ve only got so much free time, so that process will likely be slow but steady.

So what do you think? There is space for some more customization on the front page. Currently I’ve somewhat randomly chosen Fitness, Classes, Western Martial Arts and Pictures for the four lead page items. If you check the “Topics” menu option above, you will see there are other options. Anyone of those topics can be on the front page. Should I stick with the ones I’ve got, or move something else to the front page highlight spot?