Seven days until the new classes start. Getting excited now. The fundraising campaign is off to a terrific start, and we are now looking at adding some stretch goals. Ideally we could cover all of our insurance costs up front, and maybe get a few pieces of loaner gear, or some more striking pads and other fun things. To that end, we will be looking at adding a few more perks. Not a lot of time, though! So I’ll see what I can come up with while I’m at work today.

Now is a good time for people planning on taking classes to get ready. You can use this as an excuse to buy some new workout gear…the kind that can take some serious sweat. A rubber training knife would be good, Cold Steel makes decent ones. The second half of class will be rapier work, so you’ll need a rapier. If you haven’t got one, we are trying to arrange some loaner pieces. If the expense of a rapier is putting you off a little, I suspect used ones may not be hard to come by. Most people start with a Hanwei, and then upgrade. Which means a lot of people have backup rapiers they might be willing to sell. If you are interested in this, post in the comments and I will try to see if I can get you in touch with someone.

Worst case, you can use the second hour of class to work on the material in the first half. If there is interest, we might also offer the “first-half” workout-centered plan like we did last time. Again, comment or email me if you are interested in this.

Speaking of workouts, I don’t know what the chair situation is like in the new place, so you might want to make the extra step of purchasing some yoga/pilates foam blocks, or pushup bars to make the L-sits easier. I highly recommend this, and use them myself.

So much to do, no time to do it in…I’ll be adding an option to pay for classes and membership on the webpage in the next day or two. More t-shirt designs. A new web page just for the school. But all that has to wait because now I have to run out the door for work…