A few years ago I was lying on my back, on the cold asphalt ground, screaming, staring at my right leg in utter disbelief…

– Letting Go: Martial Arts Mind

I wrote that almost a year ago.  I started writing posts on this blog before that…actually yesterday was the blogs official one year anniversary. I guess that means I’m committed to this writing. I’ve written every weekday, and some weekends, except for a few short breaks. I think it’s a habit now. That line above, though…that was the first time I got some real serious hits. It was the first time I got an inkling that I might be writing for more than just myself. So…thanks. I really appreciate that you’ve committed a part of your day to reading what I write. It’s no exaggeration to say it’s changed my life.

It does make me happy that the first breakthrough post was about Stoicism. I’d write about it a lot more, but I hate it when I feel like I’m being all preachy. That, and I think over the year I’ve said all that I can valuably say on the subject. It’s not a philosophy that leads itself well to talking about…but it’s very well suited to practicing.

My conscious practice of stoicism is now in the act of sitting down to do my daily writing. My unconscious practice is in my martial arts training. I’ve had to wrestle with a lot of things, but now I have to wrestle more with the pleasant things in life more than the challenging things. Life is less about day to day survival now, and the creeping worries about how to achieve a better future are becoming the chief thing I struggle against. Not a bad thing, unless you are a stoic. It’s easier when things suck. It’s like cheating on being wise, really.

I don’t think about my knee at all anymore, except as a conversation item. I never did get around to reconstructive surgery, and my bizarre healing powers seem to have saved me once again. I can sprint, run, jump, and do one-legged squats on the bad knee.

I’ve gone from writing blog posts at three or four in the morning while working security, to working part-time so that I can write even more. It’s been a bit rough going from a poor income to a paltry income, but I certainly have more life to show for it. Got married, too…which might also explain the having more of a life thing. We took a relaxed and mellow honeymoon, and that relaxed happiness is still with us a year later.

In that year I’ve also gone from teaching two regular private students to running a growing martial arts school, one that shows every sign of someday being slightly profitable. I have hopes that it will someday pay me enough to make up for the difference between full-time and part-time pay. Let’s check back on that in a year and see.

Overall, I’d have to say I’m pretty glad I started writing this thing. It clearly marks a turning point in my life. Everything has been getting just a tiny bit better, every day.

Except maybe for laundry. I’ve been kind of slacking on that lately. Always something to improve on…