640px-Soy-whey-protein-dietIn the midst of a few hefty bits of writing at the moment, including writing a short article with my wife. That’s the only bit that might soon see the light of day. Otherwise it’s more plugging away at the hard stuff. Big writing for big projects. Still not enough time to catch up on the writing I want to do, but there is a real pleasure sometimes in doing the writing that needs to be done. Especially when the need comes only from within me.

Currently paraphrasing what I know about nutrition, which has me thinking about it a lot. Food is something we still struggle with. I mean, it has to be a mystery, right? Everyone seems to have a solution, a magical formula, for the right way to eat. If we a have a solution, we must have a problem that needs solving. It seems a bit odd.

I don’t think food is the problem when people have weight issues. Food is energy. Food is also raw materials. It’s neither good nor bad. No food is evil. People like to class food into different categories, but that’s just to make it “easier” for people to understand. Put a label on something so people can slot it into categories and think about it. Such a bad idea. Thinking is something we need to do. When we don’t have to feed for sustenance…when we can choose what to eat, we need to think about it. Labels can cause more harm than good.

Each of us is different. We are all subtle mutants, variants of the original strain. One size does not fit all, at least not well, and this very much accounts for food. Calories are a lie, for the most part. What’s on the package means almost nothing. 100 calories of a certain food can turn out to be a net gain of 40 calories for one person, 160 for another. Digestion is a not a free process, it takes energy. Some of us digest easier than others. They are trillions of bacteria in the gut that can effect how we make use of food, and everyone has a different load of bacteria.

Eating right has to be an experiment…an individual experiment. Results are what count, not planning, not “healthy” eating, not organic or carb-free or fat-free or low cal or high protein. All of that is a lie. The result is all that matters, and you must learn to eat for the result you want. You don’t know what’s right for you until you try.

The result of good eating, for fighters, is energy and health. You have to have energy enough energy to make it through class with ease, and head back to class the next day with the same energy. You have to be healthy enough to not hurt much the next day, and to not have a continuous string of minor injuries that build up into a major injury. No one can tell you what the right way to achieve that with food is, but I can tell you that roughly seventy percent of what makes you a success or failure in the long term will come from your food choices.

Training to be a better fighter involves putting as much thought into what you eat as you do into what exercises you do, or what tactics you want to work on for your next bout.