Some Saturday mornings are just the best. Heavy rain outside, but I’ve got my bathrobe, hot coffee, and Courtney is curled up on the couch playing games on her phone. Lacking a TV, we depend on ourselves and the things we do for entertainment. Instead of going out today, we are staying home. This means I’ll be catching up on a lot of writing. We’ll be making a variety of gluten and dairy free snacks to try out some recipes for an upcoming booklet of Courtney’s. I’ll try to squeeze in some guitar time, maybe some old-school gaming…so much to do.

I try to never schedule workout time for myself. If I miss it, I will just feel bad. And I don’t think it’s really necessary. Workouts are just replacements for constant movement. I’m just gonna move a lot today. Since I’m also going to be sitting for big chunks of time, I’ll give myself the freedom to get up and dance a little whenever a good song comes on. I’ve got floor space for spontaneous gymnastics fun, too. I think it’s more important to build a habit of giving myself small, constant physical challenges, than it is to book a time separate from my life. If I’m going to make the effort to do something unique from my life, it better involve swordplay.

Got a little more news yesterday about my health, and more support that my physical approach is working well for me. When I was a younger, I was in to see the dentist every year, and always had cavities that had to be dealt with. Nasty cleanings, lots of pain. I don’t like dentists. So…I don’t go. I also dislike flossing my teeth, so I don’t. I do brush every day, and I put solid effort into eating a variety of foods that should support good dental health in addition to good regular health. Yesterday was a test. The dentists office was really looking forward to my visit…Courtney had prepared them by telling them I hadn’t been to a dentist in fifteen years and never flossed.

I got the full workup. It was a solid hour just for the examination. All kinds of x-rays. I loved that part. I got them to shut off the TV feed and put the x-ray feed up instead, so I got to watch and see what the dentist was seeing at the same time. Technology rocks. The end result was some cracked fillings, and four tiny little cavities just making a start. No bad effects from my jaw dislocations, but my nose shows all the signs of being broken multiple times. I had to point out some abnormalities to the dentist, and I’m getting a copy of my x-ray to bring to a doctors…seems like my nose decided to heal itself into artistic patterns instead of the more usual arrangements. Explains my breathing problems, anyway.

In any case, the final verdict was a somewhat disgruntled and amazed dental staff. My teeth were in awesome shape, and I got grilled on what I ate, my tooth care regimen, where I grew up, etc. Kinda fun. Tying that with my earlier extensive bloodwork, I really should live until 150 or so without too many problems.

So if you are bored today, on this lovely saturday, here’s some treats for you:

The complete Hokusai Manga! Hokusai was a fantastic illustrator, just timeless in his skill. These should be viewed as large as you can make them, and viewed repeatedly. Always something new to find.

And I was really pleased to see something I remembered from years ago. The January 1980 edition of Omni Magazine is online and available for download. Fred Saberhagen has one of his “Berserker” series stories in here: “The Adventure of the Metal Murderer.” It’s worth reading if you are a Terminator fan, or a fan of…well, I can’t reveal the twist. This short story was written before the Terminator movie was made…hell, the whole Berserker idea was from the 60’s, and I’m still surprised Saberhagen doesn’t get more credit for creating the Terminators. I remember that when I first saw Terminator in the theatre, I was disappointed. It was clearly a rip from this story, but without the coolness. Oh well, maybe Dr. Who will use it as story some time.