Almost didn’t have time for a blog post this morning. After-class drinks ran a little late, and there was pizza and winter ale and tzatziki, and good conversation. Followed up with even more heavy rain when I woke up, how can you blame a guy for wanting to sleep in a little? Not to mention the sneaking fear of morning post workout pain. But I’m awake anyway, and have a few moments before work, so here we are.

The workout and boxing portion of the class is coming along nicely. The drills frame everything nicely, and give me a chance to alter and change lessons as we go, depending on what the students need. The workout is becoming tight, the two a week schedule is allowing adaption to happen at a good pace. Soon everyone will be ready for the really hard stuff. Mwahaha. Had our first injury last night, a through-and-through of teeth and lower lip due to an errant elbow and a little too much speed happening. Never fun, but an injury I’ve had more than once. More pad work in the future, better measure drills, and some focus on matching speed in drills should stop that from recurring…although bad luck will always have it’s moments.

The fencing portion is starting to come together very nicely. We spent the first fifteen minutes working on posture exercises, and exploring Terza as a platonic guard, and another fifteen relating that platonic ideal to the reality of Marozzo’s Coda Lunga Stretta and Cinghiara Porta de Ferro.

After that it was fightin’ time! A nice half hour block of sparring, we made it into a nice rolling bearpit. Some lovely fights, some good runs. Jordan had the longest run I think, but others made a good try. The people new to the sword are looking sharp, with some excellent instincts and good trainability. And we all had the privilege of seeing Tyler pull off an Achilles-worthy superman attack, and land it with epic precision to Courtney’s mask…gentle as can be. There were a few moments of attacks that got people clapping with appreciation.

Damn good night. Only a few more days and we get to do it again!