That the band had started, and no one was dancing…It took us a minute to realize that everyone was waiting for us! We were the bride and groom, we had to have the first dance, before anyone else did. We had honestly forgotten that.

So we got up to dance, and I looked over and saw our sparring rapiers. We had briefly talked about doing a sword fight as a first dance, but only half seriously. But now the moment was here, and I acted. I grabbed the weapon sets, and passed Courtney her sword and dagger, and took up mine. And we went at it! Slow to start, of course. No masks, balloons all over the floor, and Courtney in super high heels to boot.

Fortunately, Andy had an inkling of what was up and grabbed his iphone and started recording:

Man, was it fun. You can see where we start to relax and enjoy ourselves, and move with the rhythm. Good fencing, with my favourite fencing partner. That’s why I married her! Enjoy the video…we should have some nice shots to upload from the photographer soon.

And yes, the honeymoon is going great, thank you very much! Still in the relaxing and unwinding phase.