Given a choice, I’ll take a locked door class every time. I dislike having my classes open to spectators, or interrupted by random walk-byes. I like my attention and my students attention entirely on the task at hand. And sometimes, I’m just plain uncomfortable having outsiders see the techniques we are working on.

But sometimes you just have to feel the sun on you when you teach. Sometimes you have to try your art out on uneven ground, or workout when hills and trees and sand are part of the equation. Or the setting sun. Or junkies, apparently. Hopefully not the last part, but I suppose that is one of the hazards of city life you just have to learn to deal with.

Hit the park in the evening yesterday, and enjoyed the slow stretch to sunset. I like doing handstands in the grass. On the school’s dance floor, you can really get into your handstands. You can do the slow detail work, trying to get each set of muscles to work just right, stacking up just so. Balance can be developed slowly and carefully. But out in the grass? You just dig your fingers into the soil and go for it. The earth is a spinning ball, and you have to grip tight to stop from flying off into space.

Plus the stress of having the fit acrobats and Capoeira practitioners watching you fumble your cartwheels adds a nice dose of humility. Not that I needed any extra. Enjoy the video!