Hi folks! Been a few years. Let’s get started again.

About two years ago I started to have some health issues, and went to see a doctor. Which led to be treated by a cardiologist, and some more fun. It’s all worked out well, now. I have a daily medication regime that is tolerable and effective, and seems to be keeping things in control…but there is a but.

During the diagnosis process, there were a number of things going on that had to be checked, and some of them looked quite serious. As a result of this, I was told no exercise. Then I was told “light” exercise….which much to my surprise was not boxing/wrestling OR fencing, but rather the occasional walk, maybe brisk.

I am now cleared for full exercise again, but the result of what has turned out to be two years of no exercise is that getting in shape is looking quite brutal. This shit is hard. I had forgotten. Nevermind that I am now occupy a greater volume with more mass than ever before. Simple things like pushups and situps are just not nice. L-sits? Handstands? Sprints? That feels about as realistic as catching a lift to work on dragon-back.

But you have to start somewhere. I’ve done this before, after all. When I tore three ligaments in my knee, I had to start my exercise regime all over again after healing. I don’t recall it being this rough, but I recall that the process I used then got me to where I was a few years ago, in my late 40s and in the best shape of my life. I can do it again.

The process starts slow. So slow. You start by caring for yourself, and not pushing yourself. Every failed exercise routine I’ve ever experienced started with drive, enthusiasm, energy…and ended with injury. What works for me is to not push myself, but to stop when I feel like I’ve started to put some effort in. Stop when you feel like you could do a lot more. Don’t, even for a moment, think about pushing what you can do. What is the start of effort will increase a little bit each session. Get a tiny bit winded to start and call it a day. Tomorrow you can go a little longer. Six months, and you are doing sprints for fun because it IS fun.

So tonight I started by firing up a couch-to-5k program on my phone, and jogging in place in the kitchen while my wife powered through a boxing warm-up in the living room. It doesn’t get much more humble than that. I hope. Might take a few years to get back to the pic above, but it starts with a little light sweat, and some embarrassing awkwardness in the kitchen.

Also I figured maybe it was time to start blogging again.