A few weeks ago we had a big chunk of our loaner gear stolen…Masks, gorgets, one of the instructors swords, our first aid kit and all of our rubber knife trainers. Needless to say this has seriously impacted our training. Sparring is essential to us, and the lack of safety gear makes that impossible.

The fine folks at Academie Duello, led by the inestimable Kimberleigh Smithbower Roseblade, jumpstarted the fundraiser idea. They’ve offered us this friday night at their school to host a little shindig to try and raise the funds we need to get back on our feet. If you do the Facebook thing, you can find the invite here. For those of you who want to help out, but can’t make it tomorrow, we’ve got a donation page set up.

R&B Brewing has generously helped us out with some of the costs for beer at the fundraiser. This is great, because they are one of our favourite breweries.

Our friend Elise Hall-Meyer will be giving us a little something to dance to.

Our student John Irving was able to secure us a nice big pile of used rubber knives.

And I’m told we’ve already received some donations via paypal. Definitely feeling the love today.

Hope to see lots of people out Friday. And also hope we can find a bartender other than me…