Strong Starts

Here we go again. The "Formal" BoxWrestleFence blog ended a few years ago. As I posted at the start of it, no blog lasts forever, and my writing on martial arts more than served its purpose in getting solid conversations started about things that I thought were important in martial arts. Its legacy is clearly in Valkyrie Western Martial Arts Assembly and its coaches and students. That's pretty awesome.

But I've missed blogging. I realize it's a dead art in terms of popularity on the internet, but it's also a great method for me to lay out my thoughts and have some time to sit with them. It's also true that I won't take the time to do that without a goal or purpose. I have a new goal, and one that I've already gotten a strong start on. But part of that goal is that I once again build up a bit of a presence online. I've considered rebuilding everything from scratch, new domains, new presence, new "me" but I'd rather not. Instead, I'm going to count this as post one and use this space. I'm leaving all the old posts up because humans change, and we leave bits of ourselves around. I'd like to acknowledge the good things that gave me foundation to get where I am today, and those posts were a powerful part of that.

I'm going to be using this space to talk about my writing. My first novel is now out: The Anubis War. I'll be starting on its sequel in another 2 months. I'm currently writing the first book in a far-future/fantasy series. I'm currently writing on a schedule of 600 words a day to publish two novels a year for the next five years. I'm building this as a business, which means to me I want to not just write, but create and maintain a community of readers that engages with my writing. A business is a commercial support structure for that community, but community is the goal.

I'm still working to see where I'm going to go with this, but I realize that my preference is to have a strong single point of interaction. I'm not happy committing to a single social media presence point. So this will be my main area of output, but I'll work on making it accessible across other platforms.

My process is going to be to adjust my morning pre-work schedule to include updating here with what is on my mind for the day. What research I plan to do for my writing, what's inspiring me, what's pissing me off, what's motivating or blocking me. I'm going to lay out all the steps to my process here, and share how it's working for me.

Posting this was todays goal. And to write another 600 words. Heading out for a walk in a bit, and then some food. See you all tomorrow!

Randy Packer

Randy Packer