Summer is coming. Looking out the window today I see the Zelkova trees are filling up nicely with green, and the maples have shed their flowers, the first leaves are showing nicely. Down the road the Deodar has blown the top halves of it’s cones. The wind is blowing swift, so it’s not as warm as it looks. But it’s bright, and sunny.

It’s coming up on longsword season. Rapier always fit better as a nighttime weapon for me. It’s the kind of thing best suited for hours of study late into the darkest hours, preferably with a friend and a glass of something agreeable. Longsword just feels natural under the sun, in the lazy warmth outdoors.

One of my favourite memories is practicing on the beach with Courtney on a blustery day…the wind was blowing so strong that our blades were humming and shaking when the wind hit them just right. You could feel some gusts twisting the blade in your hand like an airfoil in mid strike. Exhilarating, if not the best conditions for technical work.

Starting in a few weeks, Valkyrie WMA will be swapping some of our Monday night classes for Saturday afternoon classes at the same location. This will happen for about five weeks, and then we will be back to our normal schedule. When we move back to our normal schedule, we will keep up the saturday classes, but move them outdoors. Since it will be our third class a week, we are going to keep them light. I’m also going to use the opportunity to break out of our normal curriculum and teach workshop classes on those days. On rainy days we will be at a sheltered outdoor location. On sunny days, various nice parks. When it gets really hot, the beach!

I plan to teach a lot of German longsword. Sabre and cane work will happen as well. At least one day will be a bearpit sumo tournament on the beach. I’m also considering digging up some of my old classes to teach again, depending on interest. Highland Broadsword, Bartitsu, I.33, Pike, Quarterstaff…maybe some Marozzo only days…I’d love to teach his two-handed material again. Tournament prep classes? Melee combat? These classes will also be available to non-members on a drop-in basis.

Drop a comment below if you have a request, or a preference for one of the above options!