Sunday mornings are lovely. Saturdays are usually a good workout day for me, so Sunday I get that extra restful feeling that comes from being a successful animal. I ate, I ran, I fought. A good Sunday is a time for being a more civilized animal. Reading for a few quiet hours. Watching the small creatures move around outside. Getting together with a friend and some swords, and doing some slow technical work together.

Sunday morning can also be a bit of a bugger for me. I wake up, and have only a limited amount of free time before I start working an extended shift. Today it’s motivating me to focus more on my goal of quitting that job by September and moving back into being a full-time Palaestrics coach. I can’t control whether people come and give me money for my services, but I can control my own actions. I can polish my professionalism. Work on making learning materials, advertising materials, rehearse my business flow. Plan out some activities to help my goal. Getting feedback from people is important. I’m extremely lucky to count some formidably talented friends in my circle. They’ve given me lots of advice so far, and I’ll be reaching out even more.

My plan for this blog is to slowly get into the habit of posting. I want the posts to be of value to people. I’ve been sitting on a lot of information for years, and maybe it’s time to share it. Nurturing your ideas is critical to their growth, but eventually they have to go out into the world, or die when you do. I’ll be talking about training methods, fitness, nutrition, the psychology of training as well as announcing new classes. I’ll also be posting up prices and descriptions for private training options.

I’m committed to doing everything I can to making this my full-time profession. Which means this is the perfect time to for you to give me some feedback. What kind of classes are you interested in? What kind of hours and commitment? What do you expect from private classes? What do you think reasonable prices are? What sort of things make you hesitate? What things are you curious about? Comment away!