For us, anyway. We met over swordplay, so how else would we dance? I know one person recorded video of it, so that should be coming along shortly. And lots more photos.

The wedding was amazing. Small, but as wonderful as you could ask for in a wedding. We missed the presence of a lot of our friends, but I’m sure finances will improve enough in a year for us to have an anniversary party. The food was perfect, the booze was flying but we never ran out, the band was…well, the lead singer had to leave before the last song to compete in a major singing competition. She won. No one at the wedding was surprised.

A lot of good memories I’ll share in future, but for now we are on honeymoon. It’s an overdue vacation for both of us, and we are going to make the most of it.

And by “make the most of it” I mean we are going to get in a lot of fencing with each other…I might even win a bout or two!