Feeling a little under the weather this morning, and have an early start at work, so just a quick one this morning. The site has been running long enough to start having some workable stats generated, and I’ve collected a lot of new readers in the last few months. I’m putting together a sidebar list of interesting posts, so I might as well share the top five (in terms of hits) today.

1. Is Chivalry dead? Sexism and Swordplay
Sometimes it only takes a few words to set me off on a rant. This one struck a chord with a lot of people, and tracking back the hits from it led me to discovering Reddit, which is not a bad way to kill ten minutes a day.

2. Forward from the Back
Just one example of the many interesting anatomical connections that power our fighting, that seem counter-intuitive from we “know” is right. Gotta keep an open mind.

3. Kaja Sadowski: Turning Expectations
No surprise here, an excellent guest post from the always excellent Kaja. A good read that drew a lot of attention from all over.

4. The Problem with Drills
A bit of a ramble about the problems with drilling incorrectly.

5. From the Archives: Ruminations on a Duel
Some of us do fight for real with sharp swords. This was my first time, but not my last.