No time for a blog post today or tomorrow, so I put this video together last night to make up for it. I fought all the students last night, one after the other, and put it up for your review. I slowed it down to half-speed, because that seems to be the speed that best represents what the fights actually felt like.

I’m not interested in critique at all, but if you feel like playing a game, you can see if you guess what my strategy was in each bout, and why it worked or didn’t. If I get the chance tonight, I’ll write up what I was actually thinking.

Bouts in order are me against: Aaron, Worf, Robin, Gunslinger, She-Hulk (My Darling Wife Who Refused to Let Me Win. Pout.), and Tao. The last fight was against Squeak, but since she was running the camera, it’s on another clip. I’ll upload it tonight.