Anger. I have it.

I love these Wednesday posts. The timing just seems to be right for me to vent and get some crap out of my system. Well, to get out some of the crap the system has put in my head. The system, BTW, is you…we all participate. Let’s get a little smarter together, shall we?

A little good before the bad, Krista Scott-Dixon runs a great website you should have a read of. She has a good community on her Facebook page, and it was there I ran across this story about Sarah Robles, an Olympian. Inspiring woman. Lots of interesting little tidbits in her blog, but what really hits me is her lack of complaint. She shows up to do what she’s good at, things suck but she deals. Why does she raise a fuss about things? Because, as she says, if she doesn’t no one will, and that’s not fair.

Damn straight it isn’t. Stoicism teaches us that the things that are out of our control are not to be valued, and yet there is so much obsession about how people look. People don’t choose to be born ugly anymore than they choose to be born pretty, and yet we think a person is inherently better if they are pretty. WTF?

 Seriously, WTF? I’m not gonna talk about the relative merits of this plan, I don’t care. I utterly hate the assumption that success is a “big bikini reveal!” “It’s not to late to get strong, lean and sexy for summer!” Because being sexy is a win, right? We have to win. Win means looking sexy in swimwear. If you can’t rock your beach body, you don’t win! Fail! You fail! Huh. Funny. I know a lot of people. Most of those people aren’t going to fit into the category of “sexy swimwear” types, but most of them are happy, in relationships, and have good careers. It’s almost like they don’t realized that they are supposed to failures.

Sadly, a lot of them feel like failures because of articles like that one. You’d think I’d support that mindset, being a personal trainer and nutrition coach, but you’d be wrong. I promote good eating and exercise because it makes you happy. I don’t give a rats ass how you look in a bikini. Especially not the guys…

So, should you take the new miracle weight loss pill?  Let’s take a look at the results. Hmm…you can lose up to 20lbs a year, in conjunction with dieting and exercise. Hmm. That’s about what you can expect to lose in a year with diet and exercise. Maybe slightly more than average. Of course, no data on what happens when you stop your magic pill taking. Probably the same thing that happens when you stop your magic diet plan, magic workout plan, magic all-natural herbal plan or any other crap you think is “the” solution to a problem that someone made up for you…yes! The weight comes back with a little extra for fun’s sake.

Oh woe is us. How does this misfortune happen? Well, it starts when you start thinking that being fat is being on the loser train. Sorry, but you never have any reason to be a smug asshole about what’s happening in other people’s lives. Superiority is a form of hatred, and it turns back on you so fast it’s like you really hated yourself all along. One day you are making fun of “the people of wallmart” and the next your are silently berating yourself for eating so many nachos over beer last night, and holy shit…are my pants getting tight at the waist? Yeah, then the panic sets in. Welcome to the big weight swing that will occupy the rest of your life. Enjoy. Don’t you wish you’d spent a little more time on your own happiness now? Sigh.

And while I’m at it, you can skip that crap about digging on skinny people. Or hipsters. Or any other shit. Guess what? You have better things to do with your life. If you can’t think of something better to do, you come ask me, I’ll give you something to occupy yourself…lotsa garbage around here needs picking up.

Grumble. Look, you need to workout and eat correctly to live well. Get strong because, as Sarah says, it just makes life easier. To quote another hero of mine, Terry Dobson, “Strength has more to do with intention than the size of your biceps.” Don’t settle for being weak. Feeling superior to other people is a weakness, it’s a laziness of the soul. And the companion to that weakness is feeling that other people are better simply because they have things as a result of random chance…like good looks, wealth, and fame. Those things have no intrinsic value, and paying attention to such things weakens you. Be strong to be truly beautiful.

To me, there are few things in life more beautiful than a strong woman…