David R. Packer, Pn1

My life changed in 1980. A woman I knew and cared about was assaulted, and there was nothing I could do to help.  Young as I was, I vowed that I would never feel so powerless again when faced with such evil. A month later, the Golden Community Centre started its fall Kung Fu class.  I was the first to sign up.

I started off as a skinny little guy … until I discovered power lifting at the age of 20.  Over the years I spent time studying Aikido, Taekwondo, Tai Chi, Hung Gar, Hwarangdo and Shotokan Karate, and dabbled in pretty much everything else out there.  My teaching career started at St. Paul’s Hospital, training nurses and security personnel how to safely handle dangerous patients via the ERT program.

Twenty-two years after I threw my first roundhouse kick, I finally found a home in the historical martial arts of Europe. I threw myself into it with a passion. I learned, I competed, I taught.  In 2004, I founded Academie Duello with Devon Boorman. Together we taught thousands of students, turning couch-weary, movie-loving geeks into true swordsmen.  To this day, Academie Duello is a haven for every ex-kid who ever dreamed of knighthood.  I, however, moved on. I was looking for a deeper, personal truth. An answer to the martial arts riddle that had always haunted me. And I found it.

Box Wrestle Fence encompasses the three essentials of martial arts: striking, grappling, and hand-held weapons.  The body must be able to perform extreme tasks of strength, agility, balance and endurance. A complete martial art is a lifestyle. Everything is fuelled by correct nutrition. Learning should be through challenge and test more than lecture and demonstration.

The system I teach grows from a foundation of movement. Combat skills are taught through my 5×5 drill system, building off of the natural reactions of each student. Weapon skills are taught both for real-world application and for recreation. Being playful keeps you training long after all other needs have been met!

Live is about living…training, challenging yourself, learning…growing.


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