Character Growth

Just past the mid-point of the first Salish Rift novel, and I've noticed that some of the secondary characters are developing a bit of accent. I'm liking it. They speak the same language

A Little Bit of Magic

Hit 50k words in the novel last night, and just begun introducing the magic system for the series. Jaela, the main character, comes from a culture that is anti-magic, and is travelling to


Got little writing done last night, or the night before. Just a ton of things on my mind, and no ability to claim my liminal space. Last night was more things to occupy


Spending a lot of time rethinking my approach to teaching, and how it conflicts with people's expectations of teaching. Bit of a constant, really. Ever since I started teaching martial arts, the expectation

End of month

One more day and officially move from the "brainstorm" phase of working on the sequel to Anubis War, and into the research phase. Which is going to mean reading a few more books